Social Media Management

PR in social and digital media has become an essential tool for any brand


Social Media Management

PR in social and digital media has become an essential tool for any brand

With a constantly changing media landscape paired with an ever-evolving route to speak to your audience and consumer, social media has become an essential tool for any brand. As well as the brand’s website and blog page, social media is often the first platform that people will look at for more information about a brand.


RKM have a team of experts in PR in social and digital media​, who are equipped to fully manage all aspects of our client’s social media, content creation and copywriting needs. We offer full social media platform and community management. This includes establishing and maintaining Instagram, Twitter and Facebook platforms, strategic planning of content and calendars, content creation, development of original assets, influencer engagement and management of paid and organic social campaigns.

Good social platforms will drive community engagement amongst current followers but also serve to attract and engage with new followers and offer multiple routes to purchase.


Lifestyle – RKM create social media feeds that are cohesive, aesthetically pleasing and on-brand with a mix of content including lifestyle imagery.

Styled product photography – RKM partner with selected and trusted photographers to produce styled product photography which is interspersed into the feed regularly to educate followers on the brand.

Inspirational quotes – RKM use a mix of quotes, overall lifestyle and wellness inspiration to form a brand identity and ensure channels are engaging and interesting.

Instagram stories – RKM create engaging and inspiring Instagram Stories to ensure feeds are populated on the days when there are no feed posts, using a mix of educational content, calls to action, reactive and proactive news and influencer coverage received.

User generated content – a valuable source of evergreen content which we intersperse with our own content each month to showcase the positive reviews we receive from press, influencers and consumers.

Up to date content – relating to new digital developments across Facebook & Instagram – Instagram stories/ Q&As/Polls/ GIFS/Swipe Ups is also utilised.

Since working with RKM we have seen both our engagement rate and following increase through high quality, brand focused content. The team are always proactive in looking for new opportunities for the brand and have an extensive beauty contact list which they utilise for sharing our content. It is a real pleasure to work with the RKM team day-to-day and see our brand flourish with the campaigns they have ran with us.

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PR in social and digital media
PR in social and digital media
PR in social and digital media
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