Health & Wellness PR

Establishing a brands position within its market is a skill and understanding regulations and medical claims in the wellness sector is a necessity. Working with the very best when it comes to total body health & wellness, RKM are expertly placed to ensure your brand messages reach your target customer in a clear and concise way. Having worked with household names including Happy Mammoth, Sambucol, Haliborange and Curaprox we know it takes skill, creativity and thought to stand out in a crowded market. From traditional press campaigns and creative mailers, to festival pop-ups, VIP and press events, we understand how to reach your customers to ensure you are the must-have when it comes to their body health and wellbeing, both inside and out.

We are proud to have helped brands own their category, but more than that we help them define it, which is why RKM remain at the forefront of the health & wellness sectors and are experts in deciphering and delivering your brand message to your customers, creating brand preference, elevating sales and ensuring that your brand becomes a way of life.