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Who are we?

Founded in 2001 as RKM Public Relations the company rebranded to RKM Communications in 2007 to accommodate all areas of media and communications strategy necessary for client success.

Our 20 years presence as a PR and Communications agency means we lead from the front when it comes to influencing consumer choice in a crowded market. We are proud to be a go-to PR and communications agency for Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellness by both client and media. Our tenure, our media relationships, and the team experience mean RKM can achieve where others can’t.

From positioning market leaders to establishing market entrants, RKM offers a range of tailored PR services to strengthen your position with your current customer and continuously work to introduce you to a new but ever-changing audience and demographic.

Through our work we will help you create a brand position and profile that people want. An army of advocates actively seeking, endorsing and promoting your brand.

We know the importance of being present in the right media with the right message. Our mission is to understand your goals, identify your needs and by working with you, implement multi-platform campaigns that deliver growth, market share, share of voice and drive sales.

Senior Leadership Team

Robert PR and Communications agency

Robert Montague


“Everything that we do and our values as a team centre on client benefit. Our purpose is to connect brands with their customers using the best communications strategies available; and our commitment to our clients is to have a hunger and energy to succeed, deliver the highest quality of service and results and to deliver tangible, meaningful outcomes that drive sales.

We will help you define and establish your place in the market, create a media and consumer profile for you that builds trust, preference and desire, all of which are vital for success.

We are proud to be the PR and Communications consultancy of choice for the last 20 years for beauty, aesthetics and wellness brands who want to increase their market share, ensure share of voice and market presence and positively impact revenues and sales with their PR and marketing activities.”

Abbie PR and Communications agency

Abbie Carter


“We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable experts and are always in-the-know when it comes to the beauty, medical aesthetics and wellness industry.

Leaders in our field, we achieve where others can’t. Our tenure in the sector means we have seen it all when it comes to changing consumer perception and influencing choice. Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company both internally as a team and externally with our clients.

We are proactive, creative, passionate and hard-working and our transparent and honest approach gets us results for our clients who are the very best in their industry. They desire and deserve nothing less than the very best when it comes to media visibility and consumer engagement.”

PR and Communications agency

Nic Barnes


“We are dedicated to establishing a deep understanding of our clients core values and unique selling points. We communicate this information with style and clarity across key platforms, highlighting your brand to your audiences and developing a loyal network of professional and consumer followers.

Specialists in consumer engagement, we work as a team to elevate our clients to their desired position. Whether you’re a new brand or concept that needs a voice in the consumer sphere or a heritage brand seeking a finely tuned media presence, we tailor our strategic approach in line with our client’s unique objectives.

Our unparalleled experience and passion for the beauty, medical aesthetics and wellness industry enables us as a team to identify key ways to increase client revenue in synergy with an increased media presence.”

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