Influencer Marketing

RKM have built an influencer outreach program to support you in building authentic relationships with key social influencers, many of whom are now as powerful in the consumer space as mainstream publications. We have a wide community of trusted influencers in the beauty, aesthetics and wellness sectors and our influencer engagement and marketing work secures important on-message brand visibility across multiple platforms and demographics. Influencer lists are developed on an ongoing basis throughout campaigns and are brand specific, all working to push brand messages deeper into target demographics creating engagement that resonates with your ideal customer.

The unique follower demographics of individual influencers can resonate with certain brands and this insight allows us to fine tune our outreach and identify audiences that are engaged, interactive and ultimately more likely to purchase from the influencers they trust. Our Influencer marketing work encompasses user generated content, paid influencer campaigns and affiliate programmes. With influencers now recognised as the ‘try’ before the buy, influencer marketing is a must for any brand as it puts your product directly into the hands of your customer and extends the tail and reach of any media campaign activity.