Influencer Marketing

Build organic relationships with key social influencers

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Influencer Marketing

Build organic relationships with key social influencers

RKM have built an influencer outreach program to support you in organically building relationships with key social influencers, many of whom are now as powerful as mainstream publications, securing brand and/or product / treatment visibility across multiple platforms. We have a wide network of trusted influencers we work with on a regular basis in the beauty, aesthetics, lifestyle, health, and wellbeing industries.


It is important to not only generate your own interesting content but have key influential figures from VIPs to bloggers, creating a buzz around your brand. RKM achieve this by brand immersion, outreach, and gifting to a targeted list of influencers and journalists who have a strong social media presence, cross promotions and collaborations with like-minded brands to build following and engagement, and affiliate programs with relevant influencers to drive traffic and sales.


  • Positive reviews and endorsements from the industry’s leading influencers and key opinion leaders
  • Direct links back to websites to drive traffic and sales
  • Increase in followers and engagement on social media because of competitions, collaborations, and influencer campaigns


  • One to one briefings with key influencers to introduce them to the brand
  • Exclusive gifting to key media and influencer contacts to review the products / treatments for editorial and social media coverage
  • Cross promotions and competitions
  • Affiliate schemes and unique codes

Within the Covid-19 crisis, RKM has worked tirelessly to turn this period of uncertainty into an opportunity, going to every length to support the brand. The results are already visible, with 2 more awards recognizing our brand, Instagram coverage and awareness growing rapidly, and much more.

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