Press & Media Relations

There is no doubt that presence within top tier consumer titles is imperative when it comes to brand profile, as it builds consumer trust and loyalty through the third-party validation these outlets provide. RKM’s strategic media relations program is always on and as such we will ensure maintained and ever-growing presence within targeted online, print, consumer and trade titles, supporting you in building, maintaining and managing relationships with key media outlets and journalists. We work closely with our network of directors, editors and freelance journalists in the beauty, aesthetics, and wellness sectors, based around editorial calendars and lead times in addition to collaboratively planning brand news and product placements to coincide with launches, campaign objectives and business developments.

Through our work we ensure that your customer understands your brand, what makes you different, your place within the market and more importantly where you sit in their daily lives. We know that telling someone what you do is important, but telling them why you do it and why they should incorporate your brand into their daily lives, is what converts someone into becoming a loyal customer.