Look Forward To Autumn

Whilst we’ve tried to make the most of this British summer, we can now look forward to one of our favourite seasons of the year…Autumn! A symbolic time for snuggling up inside, enjoying a warming hot chocolate, and pampering ourselves with plenty of self-care rituals.

Changing of seasons means changing of skincare. With colder days, comes lower humidity… (and unfortunately dry and dull skin). Just like you would trade in flips flops for boots, and sunglasses for snoods, your beauty collection also needs a refurb. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and hello to hydrated and radiant complexions.

Beauty Round-up

Here is our beauty round-up of our clients’ best products to help transition your skincare for fall.

Visit Beauti Skin Clinic for a Bespoke Personalised Facial

Expect a warm welcome from Italian founder, and reputable aesthetician, Cinzia Campigotto as you enter the clinic. Leave the chaos of your everyday life behind as you enjoy a relaxing bespoke facial that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth, and rejuvenated. Sit back, relax, and indulge in a warm, relaxing, and therapeutic experience.

Osmosis Ageless Vitality Elixir

When a product’s infused with gold, it’s guaranteed to be a skin saviour! Designed to balance your digestion, organs and joints, Osmosis’s enriching Elixir restores your youth, leaving you ready to take on the world. Not only that, but its formula of fulvic and humic minerals and 24 karat edible gold compliments a healthy and youthful glow for those autumnal rains.

Bedtime Revitalising Cream

A real bedtime treat packed with soothing Green Tea and Evening Primose Oil to help recharge and revitalise your skin whilst you have a peaceful slumber. When the climate drops, our skin becomes dryer, so investing in an effective overnight cream will help lock in moisture…and this one is the ticket.  

Sensica Sensilift

The ultimate at-home face lifting device that’s the hottest trend amongst beauty influencers! With built in DRF™ technology, this device helps boost collagen by stimulating blood circulation. For just 5 minutes a week, the results are visible after just one use! Perfect for those #selfcaresundays.

Dr. Levy 5PF

We know by now that SPF is our all-year-round friend. The sun may be hidden behind grey clouds, but UV damage can still occur. Dr. LEVY’s 5PF is THE industry game-changer, it’s the world’s first anti-pollution 5PF to protect you against all those pesky modern forms of pollution that damage the skin: atmospheric pollution, particulate matter, household chemicals, infrared rays, and blue light.

So that’s our pick of the top 5 products and treatments our clients offer for calming and hydrating pre-Autumn prep. Focus on hydration, keep that moisturiser locked in, and enjoy the Autumn season!