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Social Media

Did you know that the average daily time spent on social media per day is 142 minutes? And in 2022, the total number of social media users in the UK stood at 61.67 million.*

In the UK social media is most popular amongst Gen Z and Millennials – one quarter of all social media users are aged between 25 and 34, with an equal split of women and men. For brands wanting to target this demographic, whilst Facebook has a public reputation as an online network for older generations, people aged 25 to 34 make up a quarter of all users.* (*Resource:

It is therefore vital that as a brand, either new to market or already established, your content is sufficiently engaging in a highly competitive market to grab the attention of both your followers’ and potential audiences to promote your products or services effectively. And more importantly, that you are using the right social channels to reach your desired demographics, both existing and new.


Our team of experts are equipped to fully manage all aspects of our client’s social media, content creation and copywriting needs. We offer full social media platform and community management including establishing and maintaining Instagram and Facebook platforms, strategic planning of content and calendars, content creation, development of original assets, influencer engagement and management of paid and organic social campaigns.

We have also recently introduced our new TikTok management service in line with today’s trends and statistics. The platform has experienced steady growth over the past few years and reached 8.9 million users in the UK in 2022, with users spending on average 27 hours per month on the service. Its TikTok’s design, usability, and entertainment style appeals highly to younger audiences; in fact, approximately 53% of TikTok users in the UK are girls and women between the ages of 13 and 24 years.

Drive Engagement

Good social platforms will drive community engagement amongst current followers but also serve to attract and engage with new followers and offer multiple routes to purchase. The types of content we create within our Social Media Management Program include:

  • Lifestyle – we create social media feeds that are cohesive, aesthetically pleasing and on-brand with a mix of content including lifestyle imagery.
  • Styled product photography – our in-house photographer produces styled product photography which is interspersed into the feed regularly to educate followers on the brand.
  • Inspirational quotes – we use a mix of quotes, overall beauty, health, and and wellness inspiration to form a brand identity and ensure channels are engaging and interesting.
  • Instagram stories – we create engaging and inspiring Instagram Stories to ensure feeds are populated on the days when there are no feed posts, using a mix of educational content, calls to action, reactive and proactive news and influencer coverage received.
  • User generated content – a valuable source of evergreen content which we intersperse with our own content each month to showcase the positive reviews we receive from press, influencers, and consumers.
  • Up to date content – relating to new digital developments across Facebook & Instagram – Instagram stories/ Q&As/Polls/ GIFS/Swipe Ups is also utilised.
Social media management

If you are looking to expand your audience reach and target demographic, we can chat further about our recommendations for brand-owned content and working with TikTok influencers to populate and engage your audience on this channel, contact us today on 020 3130 7090 or by emailing