Increase Revenues

As we look ahead to the new year it is important to maximise opportunities for growth and increase revenues as we enter 2022. While the world seems to be returning to a new normal, it is still important to safeguard and plan ahead to be fully prepared for what is to come.

It is therefore vital to ensure your customers both new and existing are hearing about you to build and maintain brand awareness and demand for your products or services, so you stand out from your competitors and grow your sales and revenues.

Strong Advertising

A strong social media advertising campaign will help you to reach both new and existing audiences to achieve widespread messaging and awareness, keep your brand front of mind for those seeking beauty and aesthetic treatments or products, and create an excitement amongst target consumers.

Many businesses utilise social media as a public facing shop front, taking pride in their online personas and using carefully selected imagery and professional constructed captions to create a unique, brand appropriate, tone of voice. This is necessary to increase awareness amongst target audience demographics, establish and maintain brand loyalty and increase traffic and sales.

However, social media advertising is often an afterthought, boosting posts with varying budgets to either suggested audiences or shared interest audiences targeting similar brands and industry key words may increase likes, comments, engagements and followers, however is unlikely to result in notable web traffic increases and even less likely to produce spikes in sales or enquiries.

PR and Social Medial Experts

The RKM team of PR and social media experts understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach and work with their clients and their preferred budgets to generate brand awareness, website traffic and sales conversions, generating results far better than industry averages and have a track record of outperforming major retailer’s PPC campaigns. For example, a recent social media ad traffic campaign executed by RKM running alongside a major PPC campaign contributed to over 25% of our client’s overall sales with a national retailer, using only 10% of the budget of the PPC campaign.

If you’d like to learn more and discuss about how our ads management service can help increase sales and awareness for your business then please do get in touch!