Work for today

The pandemic has changed the way we do business in many ways, including the UK distribution of beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands. In our experience over the last 12 months with the brands we work with, key retail outlets are seeking products that have a presence in the media paired with a loyal following of influencers and key opinion leaders positively endorsing them, before taking on anything new.

Ideally a brand will also have some form of existing retail presence to demonstrate sales performance and demand as outlets can be reluctant to take on anything that is completely new. They cannot justify the spend and cost of the products and the required press and marketing activities to generate visibility, awareness and sales.

It is therefore vital to first have a PR and social media campaign to secure media coverage for your brand, positive reviews and endorsements from trusted industry influencers, and an engaging social media platform with a loyal following.

Press office and social media programs

After we have generated consumer demand for our brands through our press office and social media programs, we utilise the coverage and reviews secured as tools for our sales presentations to ensure our clients stand out from their competitors. Our network of distributors, retail outlets, aesthetic practices, clinics, and medi-spas, as well as leading e-commerce platforms, specialist retailers and department stores, has been built up over 20 years to create new introductions for our brands.

Our clients

Our clients are regularly featured in top tier consumer and online publications as well as amongst the industry’s most respected influencers, enabling them to demonstrate to retailers that they are in demand. Here is what a few of them have to say:

“Thanks to RKM, our brand is now selling points in the UK. We have been mentioned on social media profiles such as Alessandra Steinherr and great publications online and in print media in the UK. We cannot wait to see what the future will bring for us thanks to RKM!”
Klaudia Karasinska, Brand Manager, Oio Lab

“We were really impressed at the level of traction we got in the media in the very early stages of the campaign. We feel that RKM has put Myrror on the map and is helping us establish a name for ourselves in an industry that we didn’t have the contacts in ourselves. RKM has access to all the right people from both media and influencers and knows how to approach them to get the best results.”
Stacy Munro, Co-founder, Myrror

As we return to normal and consumer confidence begins to rise, it is vital to have a presence amongst key media outlets and influencers to maintain brand awareness amongst your competitors and have the support and kudos that UK retailers desire to take on new brands.

If you would like to learn more and discuss in further detail about how we can equip you with the necessary tools to engage with your target distribution outlets and increase your sales and revenues, then please do get in touch!