Winning an award is a fantastic opportunity for a brand to achieve recognition for their hard work and to gain visibility in their industry. At RKM communications, entering and winning awards is an important all-year opportunity.

In the past fortnight alone;

  • – RKM has been shortlisted for an Aesthetics Award
  • – Wigmore Medical has been shortlisted for an Aesthetics Award
  • – Kate Kerr has won Best Clinical Facialist in the Harper’s Bazaar awards and been shortlisted in the Professional Beauty awards
  • – SmoothSkin has been shortlisted for two awards in the Pure Beauty awards
  • – ARK skincare has been shortlisted in the Pure Beauty awards

Knowing the details

A PR agency can map out a yearly calendar detailing when every beauty award is held; more importantly, they should know when the deadlines to enter the awards are. The majority of awards require budget to enter, and so this can be implemented into a yearly marketing budget. Award entries can vary drastically from publication to publication, and it can be hard to stand out against the competition.

Standing out from the crowd

After deciding which awards would benefit the brand, it’s time to submit and put yourself forward. It’s time to get creative and to talk about all of the excellent activity your brand has been doing. With over 15 years of experience, RKM can direct a brand and write compelling copy that will get your brand noticed.

After you’ve been shortlisted

After you’ve been shortlisted, congratulations are in order! This is now the most important stage between the nomination and accepting the award. RKM’s social media department frequently implement campaigns based around gaining as much traction as possible. There are numerous tips to be used when it comes to getting the all-important votes and keeping momentum with a supportive team celebrating your success is key.

What to do after you win

The secret to winning an award is knowing that the work doesn’t stop when you’ve picked up the award! At RKM we build strategic campaigns focused around what happens after an award to maximise the return. Winning a prestigious award is an opportunity to offer the brand more exposure throughout the course of the entire year. Importantly, award wins can be shared across marketing initiatives, social media, imagery and on press releases.