A powerful Social Media presence has become an important way to connect and inform customers, both existing and new. At RKM Communications we place great importance on delivering quality social media solutions for our clients helping them really maximise the opportunities they have within their social media space.

KM have a dedicated social media department where we are equipped to fully manage all aspects of clients’ social media needs. Our social media solutions involve content creation, blogger liaisons, competitions, ad campaigns and audience engagement. Social media can help to amplify the footprint, extend the tail of media campaigns and increase brand awareness. RKM Communications’ health & beauty PR department also works closely with the social media department to ensure there is a consistent approach.

Through implementing social media solutions, you can put your brand directly into the hands of your customer. At RKM Communications, we find that through a strategy combining a mix of organic, user generated and paid for content, we are able to re-enforce brand and product loyalty with an existing base. Additionally, develop brand and product loyalty with an entirely new customer base.


Firstly, RKM Communications’ number one rule for Digital and Social campaigns is always to plan in advance and ensure that the path is clearly defined in terms of the assets, time available and end goals. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement, target a new audience, boost online sales or traffic, know that planning is key. Dedicate time to developing assets (including photography, graphics and videos). Always remember that social media content with strong visuals provides a stronger return.

Focus on engagement

For successful social media platform management, focus on engaging and retaining users. As such the element of community management is a MUST. Respond to any questions or queries promptly and ensure that content resonates with users and influencers.

Remember why people turn to social media

Remember why people use social media and think about what makes the customer engage with a brand. Consider sharing insider tips, behind the scenes snippets, competitions or exclusive discounts to entice customers and users to engage.

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