Party Season

With December almost upon us, this can only mean one thing – party season! And Christmas of course. This time of the year is already hectic enough without having to wade through thousands of beauty products that will help prepare you for the festive period, as well as leaving you feel your very best at that special seasonal party. The team at RKM have put together some of our go-to beauty products that we can’t live without!

Kick off the party prep with the bespoke range of bath and body products from Guava & Gold, all of which have been crafted using exquisite aromas and premium essential oils. Inspired by your favourite tropical holiday destination, Guava & Gold’s products make the perfect gift under the Christmas tree – but will also undoubtedly leave you feeling relaxed and zen before a fun-filled night of dancing.

Christmas party beauty

White Smile

Next is not an obvious choice but having a bright and fresh smile is better than any purse or set of earrings! Known for its highly effective and safer alternative to abrasive bleaching products, Curaprox’s [BE YOU] range of enzymatic whitening toothpastes will have you smiling the night away. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, they even offer a Gin & Tonic and Persimmon flavour – allowing you to start the party at your bathroom sink!

Christmas party beauty

Perfect Skin

Whilst getting ready for any event, we all want to show off perfect skin and hair, and luckily our client COCOSOLIS can help with this. A seasonal favourite includes the Glow Shimmer Oil which contains a hydrating formula with shiny particles, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. The best part? It is suitable for both face and body application, leaving you sparkling from head to toe.

Glow skincare

Dr. Shah

If you really want to go the extra mile in preparation for an event, what better way than a trip to The Artistry Clinic to naturally enhance your facial features? Specialising in aesthetic medicine for over eight years, Dr. Shah is the person to see for the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures. A current favourite includes the bespoke Fire & Ice Facial – raved about by A-List stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry, this treatment is designed to re-surface the skin through deep cleansing pores whilst brightening and tightening the face. An opportunity not to missed if you want to look on fire (no pun intended)!

Dr Shah beauty