Tips, Tricks and Trials: Summer Holiday Strains on the Skin

Here at RKM we love a good holiday just as much as the next person. People rarely consider the long and short-term effects of a summer break on their hair, body and skin. As usual, as the self-proclaimed ‘skin geeks’, we have the answers.

Before you’ve even arrived on your holiday the aeroplane will no doubt do its worst to your skin. Studies have shown the drying process speeds up by over 70% on flights. To make matters worse, typically skin is comfortable with humidity levels between 40% and 70%; the humidity in a plane, when you reach cruising altitude, drops as low as 20%. Worry not, as Swiss skincare brand Teoxane Cosmeceuticals have crafted a product that you should not be parted from in the cabin! Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF30 (RRP £50, 50ml) works on four levels to hydrate, offer advanced protection, revitalise and restructure in one. The Advanced Perfecting Shield is a smart multi-tasker. The unique resilient hyaluronic acid provides continual hydration whilst allowing slow-release of active ingredients and the antioxidant, vitamin and mineral complex protects from oxidative stress. While it offers UVA/UVB protection, it also contains ingredients to inhibit the reactions that cause ageing through degrading HA and glycation. Finally, it features tinted, light reflecting pigments to correct and unify the skin, making it the perfect make-up base and giving skin a healthy appearance…your hand luggage hero.

Swimming in pools or the sea can reap havoc on your hair. We picked hairdresser to the stars Paul Edmonds’ brain to get his top tips. “A great way to encourage hair growth is a good chop!” If a cut is not the way forward for you, these are Paul’s must-use products for post-summer hair recovery: For all hair types and designed to deliver moisture along with long-lasting shine try Wonder Worker by Shu Uemura. This multi-tasking primer is a real miracle worker, enriched with Moringa flower extract from the Himalayas providing the hair with intense hydration, leaving it super smooth and silky.

If you need a more extreme restoration treatment for ultra-damaged hair, it’s got to be the Ultimate Remedy by Shu Uemura. Infused with Lotus flower and Ceramides to nourish hair from the scalp to tip, this highly concentrated treatment instantly transforms dull and lifeless hair into shiny and lustrous locks.

Sunshine is a splendid thing, delivering Vitamin D and many essential nutrients to the skin, however SPF is obviously at the top of our list. We harp on about sun protection all the time, so just to recap briefly, for children it’s Mustela’s Very High Protection Sun Lotion RRP £14 or for you and the rest of your posse go for AlumierMD’s reef safe Sheer Hydration SPF 40, untinted or with a small amount of tint, the Teoxane Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF30 (mentioned above) or the ZO Skin Health Daily Sheer, Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Kate Kerr, expert facialist, also tells us that a summer holiday is a really key time to use a deep cleansing clay mask as “constant application of sunscreen and the sun can stimulate excess oil production and can lead to congested skin, so having a deep cleansing mask on hand will help ensure your complexion stays clear.” She recommends ZO Skin Health Sulfur Masque (RRP £34). This mask uses Sulphur which not only has the ability to deep cleanse and provide antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory action but also the ability to inhibit oil production.

Pigmentation is a cautionary hazard of spending long summer days in the sun, however we have answers for that as well, with ideas ranging from softer treatments to more powerful laser action. First up is the friendly and quick HydraFacial treatment, available at locations nationwide. Specially formulated to awaken dull skin, the treatment features the Britenol Vortex-Booster™, which is clinically proven to minimise the appearance of brown spots and sun damaged areas. The Intensive Spot Corrector contains alpha-arbutin and vitamin C to target hyperpigmentation, leaving the complexion glowing and even.

For more long-term pigmentation, or more established damage, RKM introduce the ResurFX™ treatment from Lumenis’ M22™ system. With results achieved in 60 minutes, you can tackle this end-of-summer skincare concern in your lunch hour. Unlike other technologies in the same field, Lumenis’ M22™ with ResurFX™ shows results after only one treatment, saving time (and money!) and protecting deeper, more vulnerable elements of the skin. ResurFX™ uses a very advanced laser scanner, enabling a greater range of treatment options, and levels of intensity, paired with inbuilt state of the art cooling CoolScan™ technology for a much more comfortable experience. ResurFX™ fractional laser is a state-of-the-art non-ablative treatment (delivering heat into the skin through thousands of tiny, deep columns known as microthermal treatment zones), which also stimulates the production of collagen and elastic fibers in the deeper layers of skin – not only treating from the outside, but the inside as well!

Knowledge is always power, especially with hair and skincare. We hope this month’s blog has helped you prepare for your time away, and defends you against the hidden negatives of a holiday.