Tips, Tricks and Trials: Dry January For Your Skin

As we unwind after the brilliantly hectic festive period, we are accustomed to making new year changes. After endless boozy nights out, it is no surprise that so many of us choose to make this resolution reducing our consumption of alcohol and kicking off a new chapter by taking part in Dry January. This is whereby partakers go booze free for the month of January to cleanse the body of all the nasty implications that alcohol has.

Similarly, another resolution that is as popular as Dry January is dieting. We are all guilty of eating a full box of Quality Streets or saying yes to a second serving of Christmas dinner when there is no room for any more food after the first one! So, when January arrives our bodies are craving lighter meals to help us shift the excess festive pounds.

Just like the rest of the body, by January, our skin is crying out for a detox. Chemicals and oils that can be found in alcohol and indulgent foods can have negative implication for the complexion. This is one of the reasons for that all too familiar problematic January skin. However, by following our simple tips, you can ensure that you bring your skin back to life for 2019.

Drink water

As alcohol is one of the fastest ways of dehydrating our skin, once the festive period has past, it is best practice to drink water, and lots of it. When the weather is cooler, we tend to drink less water and drink more hot drinks which can congest the skin. Having a trusty water bottle on your desk or in your bag can ensure that you get your hydration fix.

To help speed up the process, a go-to serum is essential for restoring moisture levels in the skin as their small particulars help them get to work straightaway. Teoxane Cosmeceuticals RHA x VCIP Serum (RRP £89.00) can help bring your skin back from the desert that is Christmas food and booze and restore all sense of hydration. Alcohol can also cause dullness, so having a product packed with Vitamin C will help bring back a radiant glow to your complexion.

Swap out the bad stuff

When it comes to cravings, after the Holiday’s we get so used to binging on whatever food we desire that our bodies get used to having their fix. So, when you decide to cut out all the junk from your diet in January, your cravings for unhealthy foods will sky rocket. These indulgent foods not only lead to wait gain, but also create skin drama. For example, carbohydrates have been proven to cause acne and foods that are high in sugar can cause glycation, which can result in a dull complexion.

A good way of dealing with this is by giving your body what it wants, but in a natural form. For example, a natural smoothie can replace that can of diet coke you’ve been craving or swapping greasy crisps for popcorn or baked veg chips can help reducing the levels of unhealthy sugars, fats and oils entering your body.

Skincare aid

No matter how hard we try, the vitamins and minerals that we consume through the food we eat are not enough to bring are skin back from the dead. Sometimes you just got to turn to good old skincare to help rid your skin of all the unwanted damage that Christmas food and drink has caused. It is very tempting to cake your skin in the cheap and cheerful facemask that your brother’s new girlfriend so kindly gifted you. However, for best results, you should pay attention to what your body needs and what products are going to give them this. Skinforia is a new beauty e-retailer who offer a virtual expert feature. Ask Lottie can help you discover what exactly your skin is desperately crying out for and the best products containing these ingredients.