RKM Pulse: Your Media & Culture Update

Welcome to Pulse, RKM’s media news update. Every month we’ll share the latest in the publishing and beauty industry, from newspaper revamps to changes in influencer marketing. Read on to find out what’s happened in March.

Facebook In Meltdown
Following news that Facebook has been sharing users’ data with third-party apps, global conglomerates like Unilever and Procter & Gamble have threatened to pull ad spend from the social media platform. With Mozilla already confirming it has ‘paused’ advertising on Facebook until stronger action is put in place around customer data and privacy settings, could this be the start of a mass exodus? According to eMarketer, “It will take a lot of brands boycotting Facebook to have a significant impact on business”, adding when hundreds of advertisers shunned YouTube in the wake of the brand safety scandal last year, most were back in a few weeks, and it had no material effect on Google’s business. There might be PR benefits in announcing a boycott, but only time will tell the lasting effect Facebook’s misdeeds will have on the media world.
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Glamour’s Alessandra Steinherr Moves On  
After 11 years in the role, industry maven Alessandra Steinherr has left her post as associate creative and beauty director of Glamour, to focus on her own growing beauty platforms. Her move comes after Conde Nast’s Glamour implemented a digital-first strategy in October 2017, under which it prints a magazine twice a while boosting its digital offerings to become a ‘mobile-first, social-first’ format. With Alessandra following in the footsteps of other ex-beauty directors like Hello!’s Nadine Baggott, focusing on their own influencer strategies and brand partnerships (check out Alessandra’s amazing DryBy Nail Collection), the beauty world could be a very different place in the next few months. We’ll keep you posted…
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Selfish Mother Launches InstaZine
This month, founder of popular parenting and lifestyle blog Selfish Mother, Molly Gunn, launched an InstaZine. Aimed at millennial mums, the imaged-focused content exists solely on Instagram, featuring nine squares per issue. With the decline of traditional print media, it will be interesting to see what the future of publishing holds. Could social media be the saviour of the ‘zine?
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#Ad Clampdown
The Advertising Standards Authority has said social media stars need to face tougher rules when they flout ad labelling rules. Under current guidelines, influencers need to make it clear in the post if they have been paid to promote content. However, with the increasingly blurred lines between editorial and advertising content, the ASA has commented that bloggers are causing confusion amongst consumers, saying: “Social influencer and native advertising might be relatively new but the advertising rules haven’t changed – people shouldn’t have to play the detective to work out if they’re being advertised to.” With Instagram now launching a new direct shopping service in the UK, advertising rules for paid content are more relevant than ever. We’re going to keep a close eye on how this latest update affects our favourite bloggers and brands.
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